Samstag, 7. November 2009

Diary of a [MERCS]

Weekend from the 6th until the 08th of November 2009

We had a fight in Ihakana that day. Actually we wanted to kill a Nyx, but instead we got into some combat with some other guys.

The order of our fleet commander came quickly and I jumped in and had to tackle the bad guys. (That’s the others, not us of course) I immediately had point on my target, but I became very quickly the main target as well. It’s always like this. As a matter a fact I do believe, that I have some sign hanging around my neck saying “I’m a noob, plzzz kill me”

I called for remote rep but MR. FC found that a cruiser was just not worth getting repaired. “Just jump out” he said. I did, in my pod…

I headed back in order to change ship, but I just didn’t have one. Taxes, war and losses made my day and I was broke. I just could afford myself another incursus.
I decided to go to sleep so the incursus could stay in one piece for at least 1 day.

The next day I decided that I was in desperate need of isk, so I started ratting in the belts. Lvl II missions just don’t bring enough money and mostly you have to invest more time.

I killed some rats which were carrying loads of tritanium and other stuff. I decided to get my Iteron, to carry the precious metal quickly into my hangar. That’s where a blinky rupture came into the belts and tried to destroy my ship. Since I always follow who is entering local, I had aligned my ship to a safe spot. It saved my life, I could escape with only little structural integrity left.

I went back in order to bait for a corps mate of mine, but he decided to leave us in peace.

Next time I’ll leave the Iteron docked and try to loot the stuff in several times.

One thing is certain in EVE, trust only ppl u know. Doing pve is another form of going for pvp if you are doing so in lowsec.

To be continued.

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