Samstag, 7. November 2009

Diary of a [MERCS]

Weekend from the 6th until the 08th of November 2009

We had a fight in Ihakana that day. Actually we wanted to kill a Nyx, but instead we got into some combat with some other guys.

The order of our fleet commander came quickly and I jumped in and had to tackle the bad guys. (That’s the others, not us of course) I immediately had point on my target, but I became very quickly the main target as well. It’s always like this. As a matter a fact I do believe, that I have some sign hanging around my neck saying “I’m a noob, plzzz kill me”

I called for remote rep but MR. FC found that a cruiser was just not worth getting repaired. “Just jump out” he said. I did, in my pod…

I headed back in order to change ship, but I just didn’t have one. Taxes, war and losses made my day and I was broke. I just could afford myself another incursus.
I decided to go to sleep so the incursus could stay in one piece for at least 1 day.

The next day I decided that I was in desperate need of isk, so I started ratting in the belts. Lvl II missions just don’t bring enough money and mostly you have to invest more time.

I killed some rats which were carrying loads of tritanium and other stuff. I decided to get my Iteron, to carry the precious metal quickly into my hangar. That’s where a blinky rupture came into the belts and tried to destroy my ship. Since I always follow who is entering local, I had aligned my ship to a safe spot. It saved my life, I could escape with only little structural integrity left.

I went back in order to bait for a corps mate of mine, but he decided to leave us in peace.

Next time I’ll leave the Iteron docked and try to loot the stuff in several times.

One thing is certain in EVE, trust only ppl u know. Doing pve is another form of going for pvp if you are doing so in lowsec.

To be continued.

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Mittwoch, 4. November 2009


13 th and 14 th of October 2009-11-04 Wormhole-POS-Shooting TL.

In a war, where our adversaries didn’t fight but kept docking at the station we did what we could, but without much success. U just can’t kill people in stations.*weep
But since we are no noobs and take our orders seriously, we were happy to find their POS which was situated in a wormhole.

We attacked the POS with a drake-fleet (about 20 drakes and a lot of other nice toys)

De POS was going down real fast and the CEO of TL contacted us in order to save what he could. He offered us to fight for one week. Afterwards I think they tried to keep word but were not very successfull.

My personal experience during the POS operation:

During the POS-Shooting our targets kept moving ships out of the POS which they self-destructed before our eyes. I don’t know the exact figures but we are speaking of approximately 20 or more ships. The most expensive remaining ships tried to escape in a small gang. We intercepted them at one of the wormhole and killed almost all except 1, which was killed in 0.0 by other gangs not belonging to [MERCS] 0.0 is dangerous didn’t I tell that before??

During the fight I lost my incursus which has become tradition^^ The POD survived this time.

I bought a new one and flew back to the POS. I received the order to have an eye on the entrance of the wormhole. I said “copy” which doesn’t mean a thing, since I was standing for 2 hours on the wrong side of the hole. Shit happens all the time*gg After I spotted a blinky Phobbos I moved myself to the other side of the hole. When the Phobbos left the wormhole, I couldn’t tackle, since I was at 110 kilometres and couldn’t warp. My mistake again. Our FC needs to throw me out!!

Later they scanned my position and I got some problems with a rifter and a punisher. I informed the FC and warped out, because they came to close. Again I had no sight on the wh entrance. Since I sucked, I was ordered back into the wh.

The 2 blinky´s stayed at the entrance and I had I superb idea: (I thought)
“Let’s just jump out and kill them” I said. The FC´s interpretation was: “Hon, jump out and make a point on my command” “Fucking nuts that guy”, I thought and looked if I could afford myself another incursus. Then I jumped.

I had directly a point and they shot at me, I wanted to jump back, but off course I couldn’t.
I tried to get away but I couldn’t get far… (Reminds me of a song…) So I died again my friends…

The next day, early in the morning we took down the rest of the POS. Nothing happened anymore. I learned a lot and was broke.

Next time I will do better.

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to be continued...

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

Diary of a [MERCS]

09 th of October 2009

A few weeks passed. I skilled what I could, I tried to earn some money by salvaging or doing low lvl missions.
The corp teached me how to fly in a fleet, we invested a lot of time in EFT (EVE fitting tool) and EVEMon which I can both recommend....

This morning my mate asked me to come along in 0.0. He had to get some stuff there which he left a long time ago. I was not feeling comfortable about this, but I wanted to help.

I lost an incursus, a velator and a pod...I do not like those bubbles, they are mean...

I learned how to scout in 0.0 and could practise the reporting towards the FC (fleet commander)
After my curse got stuck in a bubble I got myself a velator which you always get for free. After the velator got killed, I couldn’t find a place to warp to so I warped back to the other gate. Having your pod in a bubble is bad, real bad.

I awoke in Cistuvaert...nice place with friendly people...

Just my 2 cents, do not go to 0.0 unless you can fly cloaked.

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16 th of September "kick-ass-Hon in action"

I was not willing to fly all night so I decided to stay at HQ. I killed some rats or I fled from them*gg Sometimes they can be real mean you know :)

Suddenly a blinky Hurricane was announced and the hero I am, I hurried to the Gate in order to kick ass.
And so all went as I hoped. The cane discloacked just 13 clicks away from me and "paff" Hon directly had his warp disrupter on the cane. Off course I relied on the "Defense-Team" since they where also at the gate and invited me into the fleet. No reason to be affraid I thought, they will kill the cane in no time. (sometimes I can be realy naive^^)

They didn’t. The fuc...bastards where drinking coffee, watched the simpsons or did something else. What they did not do was help me. OMFG!!!
In no time had no shield left and only 50 % of armor. The guys said. "let me go and u will live" I replied" I’m a soldier of G.I.S. and I will hold that point until u blow"
I held the point and I got blown...

The guys killed the cane after coffee and even looted my ship. Thx guys u are all just great*gg

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to be continued...

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

[MERCS] , GIS and COM-STAR unite forces


Mark the day, 30.08.2009 a new alliance appears, the „Mercenaries for Hire“ aka [Mercs].

As a result of a constant developing cooperation between the two german speaking mercenary corporations Com-Star and Gemeinschaft interstellarer Soeldner. Who fought side by side to show bravery, boldness and courage long ago befor they merged into one alliance.

The area of tasks cover all possibilities in Eve.
- Asset Denial
- POS Warfare
- Recon
- Escort/Protection
- Guerilla Operations

The [Mercs] have already successfully completed a couple of high profile contracts and were also able to handle the wardec from REPO quite well, with a 77% efficiency until they retracted the wardec themselves.

If you got to a point when your in need for mercenaries, do not hesitate to contact us.

IG channel =Mercs=


Am 30.08.2009 war es endlich so weit, die Allianz „Mercenaries for Hire“ kurz [Mercs] hat das Licht der Welt erblickt. Das Resultat einer sich ständig entwickelnden Zusammenarbeit der beiden deutschsprachigen Söldnerkorps Com-Star und Gemeinschaft interstellarer Soeldner, welche schon vor dem Zusammenschluss gemeinsam in Kriegen Ihre Tapferkeit, Kühnheit und Mut bewiesen haben.

Das Aufgabenspektrum der [Mercs] deckt alle Bereiche in Eve ab.
- Asset Denial
- POS Warfare
- Recon
- Escort/Protection
- Guerilla Operations

Die [Mercs] haben bereits mehrere hochwertige Aufträge erfolgreich beendet. Dazu zählt auch ein Krieg von REPO, der bei einer Effizienz von 77% zurückgezogen wurde.

Solltet auch Ihr mal in eine Situation kommen wo euch die [Mercs] helfen können, zögert nicht und kontaktiert uns.

IG Channel =MERCS=

Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Diary of a [MERCS]

13th of September in the same year...

After some RL, yes that exists, I hurried to my computer so I could join a roaming fleet of ours. Destination was somewhere in 0.0. In teamspeak ppl had difficulties to hear me so I prayed that I find a "microboost" soon, since microwarpdrive etc... do exist too.

We later found out, that my mic needs to be warmed up before functioning correctly. Don’t ask me for explanations, I’m to stupid to find one. So we left HQ and soon had our first 0.0 battle. I actually didn’t see it, since I was standing on the wrong side of the gate. Shit happens! I learned that adversaries in 0.0 are not blinky, you just shoot at everything that appears. Bubbles are mean spheres which keep u from warping. The 0.0 gates are full of them and I don’t like them. Incursus is too small for me, I need something that can take in a lot of damage, so that I have enough time to think what I m going to do next*gg

I still want to become a [MERCS]

To be continued...

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Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Diary of a [MERCS]

10 th of september 2009

NPC´s destroyed my catalyst again. Sometimes I wonder what I m doing in this game.??? I´m not even in a position to kill some rats, so better forget pvp, since people are unpredictable. Just keep the spirit high is what I need to do. Karpov and Kortchnoj had difficulties with the computer too.

In the evening a small fleet of ours left the HQ for little roaming. The new ones could come along and I was tackler in an incursus. (This incursus is a ship which I recommend ppl to build, because as u will read, I´m destroying loads of the in the coming weeks. (mostly my own*muhahahha) So the tackle-crew where somewhere waiting at a gate and we had not much to do. All of a sudden, an engagement was going on. When the tackle-crew arrived the fight was already over. (almost that is) I had to accept, that I wasn’t fast enough. Not only because of the skills, but also because I still lose a lot of time searching 4 the right buttons. My personal highlight was 6 % damage on a cruiser that night.

To be continued...

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